Flight simulator Ventilation and air conditioning system Flight simulator Ventilation and air conditioning system

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One Fits All Compressor Unit

The Ventilation and Air Conditioning System
Simvac S

Thanks to CVBM IV modulating technology, the unit's compressor can adapt to a wide range of incoming water temperatures as well as a wide range of airflows to the simulator cockpit.

This means it can be cooled with an optional closed loop fluid cooler or with a central fluid chiller already installed in the field.

Moreover, the modulating feature also applies to a variable airflow blower and ensures perfect and constant airflow to each cockpit air outlet, no matter how many outlets are open or closed.

Simvac S Electrical Component

Electrical Component

Mains: 400Vac 3Ph, + Neutral... 240Vac 1Ph option is available

24V transformer included for standard thermostat control. "Y" terminal input as per standard HVAC spec for cooling demand. "C" and "R" terminals for thermostat power supply.

Mechanical Component

Dedicated sheet metal cabinet, minimum footprint

Robust construction

Easy maintenance and service access doors

Soundproofing material used all over the HVAC unit inside making it very quiet

Simvac S Mechanical Component
Simvac S Ventilation System

Ventilation System

EC Backward inclined blower

Blower is controlled in constant static pressure mode at +3.5"H2O field adjustable)

Blower is constantly "ON" when the unit is powered

Supply air port is 12" dia. Designed for easy attachment of flexible ducts adapted for full-flight simulator requirements.

Easy access air filter

Refrigeration System

Variable speed Mitshubishi BLDC compressor. 36 000Btu/Hr max cooling capacity.

Carel Drive for compressor speed control

Electronic expansion valve from Carel

Simvac's proprietary advanced heat pump electronic control with Flight Sim specific firmware

No freeze system thanks to Simvac's electronic control. The compressor speed is modulated in order to avoid freezing the coil no matter what airflow is passing through it.

Choice of water-cooled or external condenser unit

If water-cooled, an external fluid cooler is available as an option. It includes the Fluid Pump, Fluid Cooler (Exchanger Coil and Fan) and Expansion Tank.

If a condenser unit option is chosen, customers need a qualified technician to connect the HVAC unit to the condenser unit. The HVAC unit will be precharged with the correct amount of refrigerant for 25' length lines to the condenser unit. Additional refrigerant may be needed for longer linesets. Service valves provided.

Dedicated terminal block provided for Thermostat connection ("Y", "C", and "R" terminals)

Simvac S Refrigiration System
Simvac S Maintenance Software

Maintenance Software

Labview-based maintenance software can be provided. Used for diagnosis of the machine and air pressure set-points adjustments as per application needs. Easy-to-use interface. Connect via USB with any laptop. Software installer is loaded on the USB key provided with each unit.

Simvac S Option


Available with 220 Volts 1Ph.

Top adaptor for 12 inches pipe

Technical Support

Simvac will provide phone technical support as required


5 Years, parts only

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